Faux Fortuny Ensemble

Tuyen Nguyen, ‘20 selected this bright pink silk ensemble because of the unique texture created by the pleating style. These repeating pleats are typically associated with the Delphos Gown, a design created by Henriette Negrin and Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo in about 1907. The design was popularly dubbed the “Fortuny Gown” and remained in production until 1950. Since then, this pleating and silhouette has been replicated and reimagined time and time again by other fashion designers like Mary McFadden, and in this case, Charles and Patricia Lester. This 1980s version consists of a pleated and beaded silk tunic, overcoat, skirt, underskirt, and purse. This unique pleating provides an interesting texture, visual aesthetic, and enables the gown to be “one size fits all” since the pleating ensures the gown can shape to the contour of many different bodies.
Charles and Patricia Lester
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CCTC #: 2012.08.06
Gift of Ollie McNamara