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Oeconomische encyclopädie, 1774

Oeconomische Encyclopädie, oder Allgemeines System der Land-, Haus-, und Staats-wirthschaft, in alphabetischer Ordnung; aus dem Französischen übersetzt, und mit Anmerkungen und Zusätzen vermehrt, auch nöthigen Kupfern versehen

For as long as there have been bears and honeybees, bears have ravaged hives for honey as well as bee larvae and pupae. In a practice called forest beekeeping, early beekeepers in northern Europe purposefully created hollowed-out tree trunks to attract wild swarms. To prevent bears from robbing these hives, anti-bear contraptions such as the one illustrated in this 1774 German book, Oeconomische encyclopädie, oder Allgemeines System der Land-, Haus-, und Staats-wirthschaft by Johann Georg Krünitz, were constructed.

One bear, trying to raid a bees' nest (door in tree marked "a"), has released a counterweight and been swung aloft. If the archer hits his mark, the bear should fall on the array of spikes below. A second bear is approaching nest "b," where the trap is set but not sprung.