The exhibition is organized thematically around the influences of African heritage, elegance, entertainment, and education.

African Heritage: This exhibition case includes ensembles inspired by African roots. Traditional prints, design motifs, and silhouettes from a variety of African cultures influence Black style, both past and present. A variety of traditional design techniques can be seen in these contemporary fashions.

Education and Business: Black design scholars have used fashion as an area of research and creative inquiry. In addition, styles worn in the workplace and educational environments convey professionalism and prominence.

Black Elegance: This case shows how Black style has been shaped by sophistication, grace, luxury, and charm. Historically, the Harlem Renaissance and the 1920s Jazz Age dramatically impacted Black fashion and continue to create inspiration for elegance.

Entertainment: Prominent performing artists have contributed considerably to Black culture, and American culture as a whole, through streetwear, jerseys, oversized shirts, pants, and overalls, among various other trends. The ongoing influence of hip hop and R&B is still reflected in everyday Black style today.