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Do It Yourself, Do It Together was produced by a team of Mann Library regular and student staff who contributed ideas, research, and writing to shape its various components. They include Sabrina Daley ‘20, Eveline Ferretti, and Michael Cook. As the exhibit curator, Karl Rozyn created the exhibit design and organization, and Daisy Wiley contributed toward the design of our promotional materials.

For Earth Day 2020, which the world is celebrating while still facing the challenge of bringing a global pandemic under control, members of this team would like to share a couple of our own personal reflections and suggestions for realizing Earth stewardship:

As we celebrate Earth Day from our homes this year, Sabrina recommends finding inspiration for action in some of the excellent documentaries that have been produced in recent years. Among her favorites: Chasing Coral (Youtube), the “Our Planet” series (Netflix), A Plastic Ocean (Netflix:) , Chasing Ice (Amazon), The Cove (Amazon).

Eveline recommends going to your local planning board meetings—virtually if they are being livestreamed now, and in person when physical meetings resume. These regular gatherings are an under-recognized hot spot for decision-making about local environments, and a really important space for making your voice heard. Plus, you learn lots about what is happening in your local community.

Michael suggests that along with fighting the good fight locally at the ballot box and being careful who we do business with (or not), do something kind for yourself and the world every day, however small it may be. COVID-19 has forced all of us to slow down and re-evaluate our lives and how we live them. Along with the tragedy and disruption it has brought, the opportunity for self-reflection and change is right here for us whether we like it or not.

Daisy recalls the words of cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” In the chaos of the COVID-19 crisis of this spring of 2020, we have seen community members band together to take care of one another, navigate crisis, and take action. This is the mindset we need to bring to the battle against global warming. We are all we need to build a better world.

And Karl reminds us, environmental action begins at the tips of our fingers; think globally, act locally. Support local, sustainable business - especially independent farms, who are continually at risk of vanishing in the face of industrial food production. Many areas have co-ops that will deliver locally grown produce, and farm-to-table restaurants offer an additional way to support your community of growers.

Mann Library gratefully acknowledges the support of the Elizabeth (Betty) Rowley Fund for Mann Library, the Bondareff Family Fund, and the Mann Library Excellence Fund in the production of exhibits at Mann Library.

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