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Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network

Cornell’s Food Recovery Network is a student-led organization that aims to find solutions to two big problems: food waste and food insecurity. The group organized in 2014 when its members noticed large amounts of healthy and delicious food going to waste at the Becker House dining hall. The group presently works with Cornell Dining to collect leftover food from four of Cornell’s largest dining halls for donation to the Friendship Donation Network, which distributes the meals to those in need across Tompkins County. CFRN volunteers also participate in gleaning, where group members head to local farms to collect excess produce for distribution, again through the Friendship Donation Network.

Cornell Food Recovery Network

The Cornell Food Recovery Network is a local affiliate of a wider organization of similar groups at 198 college campuses across the United States. The national FRN has donated over 1.76 million pounds of food since its founding in 2011, helping to reduce food insecurity with a local food supply. Thanks to efforts here at Cornell, the University’s extra food now finds itself where it's most at home-- in the hands of the hungry. And extra hands to help with the mission are also always welcome! To find out more:

Food Recovery Network at farm