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Building a Collection: Giok Po Oey and the John M. Echols Collection

One of Giok Po Oey's proudest acquisitions: "Viet-Nam Fatherland Front"

"I wrote to Hanoi that even though our two countries were at war, scholars on both sides could benefit from our exchange of materials," Oey recalls. "I said I hoped we could transcend the conflict for a mutual higher interest. They responded to that. I remember their letter came in December, 1969, accepting my suggestions. We were the only library in the country getting materials from them at that time, including the Library of Congress. We were getting things from them even when we were bombing their country." Quote from Ithaca Times article, Aug 9, 1979 by Pat Leary Viet-Nam Fatherland Front: and the Struggle for National Unity - 1956 Hanoi - The Foreign Language Publishing House
The John M. Echols Collection