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YOUR NEW SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE is the finest portable typewriter available today. Handsomely styled with sleek, modern lines, it has the solid construction, built-in dependability and advanced features that have made Smith-Corona portable typewriters the first choice of millions the world over. With proper care, your Smith-Corona portable will give you years of reliable performance and typing satisfaction. THIS ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTION BOOKLET will help you become familiar with the many time-saving features found on Smith-Corona standard portables. ( In reading this manual, however, please keep in mind that not every model is equipped with all of the features described.)

Smith Corona Owners Manual page i
Smith Corona Owners Manual page 1

IMPORTANT Follow these simple instructions before using machine: 1. Inspect case and typewriter for possible damage from handling or shipping . In case of damage, contact carrier's agent immediately for inspection and inspection report- otherwise we cannot assist in recovering the claim against the carrier. 2. FILL OUT ENCLOSED REGISTRATION CARD and mail within 10 days from date of purchase to register typewriter. Your Smith-Corona portable is guaranteed for 5 years from purchase dote. (See warranty on bock cover. ) 3. If typewriter is to be returned for any reason, it must be repacked exactly as received lo prevent damage in shipping.

TO REMOVE TYPEWRITER FROM CARRYING CASE Open case. Push up on re lease tab under case latch . Raise front of typewriter and pull machine forward away from holding cl e at at rear of case. Carriage Lock holds carriage in place during shipping . To re lease, move carriage to the right. To return machine to case, ease it in, back first , keeping front raised a little. Make sure cleat on bock of case slips into slots in bock of typewriter, and lower typewriter in place. Before closing case, move carriage to extreme right. Pull up on Carriage Lock to move carriage to about mid -position where it will lock in place. Closing case automatically locks type writer in place for traveling .