Irene Castle and the Chicago Blackhawks 

The Chicago Black Hawks (now, Blackhawks) were founded in 1926 by Major Frederic McLaughlin, Irene Castle’s third husband. Irene designed the original logo and uniforms for the Black Hawks. The team jacket on display is from the 1933-1934 season, the first year that the Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup. This jacket also features Irene’s original black and white logo design, which was later changed to included color and finer details in the 1940s.

Major Frederic McLaughlin in his raccoon coat at a Black Hawks game in the 1930s. Irene Castle is on the bottom left, and her daughter Barbara is to the far right. Photo courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Barbara McLaughlin, daughter of Irene Castle and Frederic McLaughlin, wearing ice skates and a Black Hawks jersey in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Photo courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Jersey, Chicago Blackhawks #12
Team Jacket, Blackhawks #12
Coat, Raccoon