Exhibition Credits

Special thanks to Lisa Brothers Arbisser and Amir Arbisser for their support, kindness, and generosity.

Exhibition Curator

Fredrika Loew

Exhibition Coordinator

Kate Carlin

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Carla DeMello


Adam Bryant

Pat Fox

Michele Hamill

Trina Parks

Digital Imaging and Support

Rhea Garen

Installation and Light Design

Ron Clark

Adam Spry

Technology Design and Construction

Ellis Loew

Events Management & Publicity

Jose Perez Beduya

Website Design and Development

Jesi Buell

Christina Cortland

Text Editors

Alex Chertok

Margaret Nichols

Exhibition Production Assistance and Event Coordinator

Concetta Finnerty

C.J. Lance

Additional Credits:

Jude Corina for all of his help and support choosing materials.

Jaden Demarest of Human Centered Design for cutting our shapes.

Eileen Keating, Evan Earle, and Katerina Dimitriadou-Shuster for their advice, help, and support.

Dan Ferman for cutting the metal plate for the light fixture.

Steve Martin for wiring the lights.