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Lesser known artists

Many artists contributed to Gazette du Bon Ton over its publication run, many of whom either only did a few pieces for the magazine or went without credit. A large number of the uncredited illustrations are labeled "croquis" (French for "sketch") and illustrate general fashion ideas that may not have originated with the designers Gazette du Bon Ton were promoting. Other prints were for advertisements. Regardless, these illustrations are both beautiful and present the changing faces of art and fashion during the periods before and after World War I.

This page collects these lesser-known and unknown artists, as their contributions deserve to be seen just as much as their more famous contemporaries.

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1. Au Bal Noir et Blanc

2. Woman looking through window

3. Les Americaines

4. L'éveil du Printemps

5. Confidences

6. Croquis No XIII

7. Vingt ans après

8. La Trompe Sonne

9. "Combien de Morceaux de Sucre?"

10. L'aile de Jais