Apples to Cider's physical installation was at Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University, from June through October 2018. Both the physical exhibit and this digital version were curated by Karl Rozyn, with text regarding the Pomonas by Eveline Ferretti (published both here and through the Biodiversity Heritage Library).

This exhibit would have been a very different project without the aid and expertise of Dr. Gregory Peck and Nathan Wojtyna, who both contributed in ways that are too numerous to be named. Michael Cook, Jeff Piestrak, and Simon Ingall at Cornell University Library worked to create the online Pomology: Apples and Cider collection, with Grace Costantino providing resources and coordination from the Biodiversity Heritage Library side. Daisy Wiley created exhibit promotional materials and digitized numerous assets utilized across both versions.

Without the ideas, energy, and hard work of these individuals Apples to Cider would not have been successful. Thank you all.