Stained glass

White Library West Bay Windows
Stained glass windows in A. D. White Library, West Bay, representing crests of Oxford and Cambridge University Colleges, including (left to right): St. John's, Cambridge; unknown; Christ Church, Oxford; Trinity, Cambridge; unknown; and University College, Oxford.

White wanted to pay homage to the great European universities by including their coats of arms in the stained glass windows that encircle the library. Prominent among these is Oxford’s “Dominus illuminatio mea,” or “the Lord is my light,” the opening of Psalm 27. In the image below, three Oxford crests appear above the Library's north window, from left to right: Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, and Balliol College.

Oxford University crests
Oxford University crests
Oxford motto
Oxford motto
Merton and All Souls Colleges, Oxford University
Stained Glass Windows in A. D. White Library representing the crests of Merton College and All Souls College, Oxford.
Brasenose College, Oxford University
Stained glass window in A. D. White Library, crest of Brasenose College, Oxford (reversed)
Oriel College, Oxford University crest
Stained glass window in A. D. White Library, representing the crest of Oriel College Oxford
Cambridge University crest
Stained glass windows in A. D. White Library. Cambridge University crest, left. Unidentified university crest, right (arms of the Bishop of Exeter).