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Special thanks to:

Phil Penman,

Kathleen McDermott,

Dr. Amanda L. (Bosworth) Shirnina,

Denisse Pohls,

Chesley Taylor,

Robert F. Kotaska,

Frederic Wright Gleach,

Tom McDonald,

Professor Anil Narayan Netravali,

Steven Calco,

Marcie Farwell,

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum,

American Red Cross,

Manchester Art Gallery,

Anchorage Museum,

Smithsonian National Air and Space Mueum,

Harvard University,

Geospatial Information Collection,

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art,

David Rumsey Collection,

Yates County History Center,

Cornell Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design,

College of Human Ecology at Cornell University,

Cornell University Library,

Cornell Fashion + Textile Collection,

The Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy,

Professor Rick Geddes,

Charles V. Beach,

the Cornell Society for the Humanities,

The Kheel Center for Labor-Management and Documentation Archives, Cornell Tech,

and the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art,

for their generosity and support of both physical and digital exhibitions.

Created for: SHUM/ARKEO/VISST: 4651/6651 Curating Fashion Exhibitions.